Eastern in Pangasinan: Empowering Businesses: Now Available.

Eastern Unleashes Digital Revolution in Pangasinan - Empowering Businesses to Soar!

With a dedicated focus on empowering local micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), Eastern Communications is set to fuel the digitalization and growth of businesses in Pangasinan. As the province gears up for enhanced economic opportunities with the Pangasinan Link Expressway (PLEX) infrastructure, Eastern Communications aims to create avenues for digital advancement within the region.

Pangasinan’s vision of becoming a premier province is bolstered by initiatives like the establishment of The Pangasinan Polytechnic College, offering crucial courses in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and entrepreneurship. Recognized by the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) for efficient ICT processes, the province is primed with a workforce of 1.8 million individuals, ready to contribute to upcoming businesses.

Atty. Raymundo Bautista Jr., Pangasinan Provincial Government Department Head and PEDIP Officer, expressed gratitude for Eastern Communications’ presence, acknowledging the company as a game-changer for the province. Urdaneta City Mayor’s Special Advisor for Economic Affairs Gary Beltran highlighted the significance of Eastern Communications in Urdaneta, positioning it as a catalyst for change in Pangasinan’s economic landscape.

Eastern Communications marked its official launch in Urdaneta City, unveiling a suite of products designed to elevate connectivity and digital capabilities. With plans to expand coverage across other cities in Pangasinan, the company aims to bridge services in Northern and Central Luzon, recognizing Pangasinan’s potential in agro-industrial sectors and burgeoning economic activities.

Michael Castaneda, Eastern Communications VP and Head of Sales, emphasized the company’s commitment to nurturing the dreams of local businessmen. The company’s goal is to aid Pangasinan’s growth by offering tools and platforms tailored to enhance business operations.

Pangasinan’s flourishing MSME sector, renowned for its diverse product offerings, holds immense potential for growth. Eastern Communications is poised to support this growth by providing business-grade connectivity services and ICT solutions. Whether through shared fiber-fast internet services like Eastern Fiber 1 or the top-tier Internet Direct Service (IDS) offering dedicated bandwidth, Eastern ensures reliable connectivity vital for business operations.

Moreover, Eastern Communications offers digital tools such as Cybersecurity, Cloud and Data Services, and Business Applications, empowering MSMEs to enhance productivity, bolster security, and manage data effectively.

As Eastern Communications extends its support to Pangasinan’s businesses, the company remains dedicated to providing world-class services that drive digitalization and foster prosperity within the province. To explore Eastern Communications’ suite of services, visit www.eastern.com.ph.


Eastern Communications, the Philippine premier telecommunications company and ICT solutions provider, has provided reliable connectivity and advanced business tools to enterprises and emerging businesses for close to 145 years. The company offers custom solutions from an extensive portfolio of services that include Connectivity Solutions, Network Solutions, Security Solutions, Cloud and Data Center Solutions and Business Applications.

It continues to be the solutions partner of choice for the biggest industry players in the country through its unique brand of “High Tech” and its “High Touch” service. Eastern Communications was recognized for its customer-centric business approach at the 2023 Asian Experience Awards and for the B2B Client Initiative category at the Asian Telecom Awards, among other prestigious accolades.

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